Visit The Oregon Coast Aquarium

July 15, 2018
Category: Newport, Oregon Parks

Are you visiting the west coast and you’re not sure what to do? If you’ve already been to the beach and are looking for things to do that are a bit more interactive, then look no further than the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Come, be transported below the ocean waves that you’ve been stoically looking at with awe and wonder. See the marine life and fauna that thrive below the shimmering blue yonder. A twenty-three-acre facility with all sorts of wildlife, from northwestern birds, sea lions, jellyfish, color changing barracuda and even a dive tank that can give you that immersive personal experience.

Located just across the Yaquina Bay Bridge, you can tour the ocean through its assortment of exhibits. You can walk along the Yaquina Bay Estuary nature trail and see life from the shores, then pass through into the Passages of the Deep exhibit, seeing the ocean through a series of underwater tunnels. Pass through the canyons of the Orford Reef, extending through to the Halibut Flats, then on to the open ocean. It’s like walking out from the coastal line, viewing the progression of the depths of the ocean all without donning a scuba suit.

The open common area is divided into separate exhibits containing sea lions and sea otters. Sate your curiosity and fascination with the giant octopus exhibit. This alien-like creature is the stuff of legend, with the largest ever caught weighing in at over six hundred pounds. With its flexible body, it can squeeze into even the smallest of crevices, making it difficult to locate. With a little patience and a keen eye, however, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Octopi are quite intelligent, much more so than initially thought. They have proven themselves capable of using basic tools and instruments, recognizing and differentiating between people and navigate mazes utilizing both long and short-term memories! From there, you can move on to the turkey vulture exhibit and visit Olive and Ichabod. Acquired by the aquarium in 2009, they were initially taken from their nest as hatchlings and raised in a human home. These individuals later turned them over to wildlife rehabilitation specialists who were able to provide the care they needed and find them a proper home here at the aquarium. Because of this, they imprinted on people early on and are not able to return to the wild. They are, however, highly intelligent and curious, so watch them play with the many distractions provided and don’t be distraught if they seem to be staring at you. They’re not looking at you for their next meal, merely returning the favor of being watched.

Pass over to the next exhibit of the Seabird Aviary and take in the stunning variety of birds that call the pacific northwest their home. Then take a look at life within the sandy and rocky shores, each providing a different seascape and scope of life as if you had just poked your head beneath the crashing waves. These are just a few of the many things to see at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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